Shannon E Reardon

TAG Restaurant Group

The TAG Restaurant Group by Chef Troy Guard is 7 concepts, 12 locations, across 2 states; and have announced 3 new concepts, 5 new locations, and one new state to come.

.gifs and Digital Stickers

I created these transparent .gifs to add some fun to our monthly group newsletters. We have a decent opening rate, but we wanted to increase our click-throughs, and I thought adding animation might keep people's attention. Animating words and titles are tricky, because they need to be readable and not too overwhelming.


Just for kicks, I also made a few .gifs and stickers of Chef Troy himself. They add a fun personality to our Instagram stories, especially when combined with the bubu thought bubble or the Los Chingones sombrero.


< I also ordered magnets


Part of our ongoing efforts to solidify and clarify our branding for each restaurant concept, also includes the branding for the group. And even trickier, separating the TAG Restaurant branding from the TAG Restaurant Group branding. Because of choices made before the robust marketing team we now have, both the restaurant and the group basically share a logo and colors. We're working to make greater use of different fonts, different secondary colors, and different variations of the logo. As part of an extra touch to look more professional, and show off a cohesive brand, I designed these folders, to be used with offer letters, new hire packets, and other corporate level correspondence. 

trg folders outside-02.png
trg folder irl front.JPG
trg folders inside-03.png
trg folder irl inside.JPG
trg folder irl standing.JPG
trg folder irl inside2.JPG