Shannon E Reardon

TAG Restaurant

The flagship of the TAG Restaurant Group by Chef Troy Guard. TAG is known for being continental, social food. Its fine dining, designed for sharing, with influences from around the globe.

Special Event Menus

With so many restaurants, and so many holidays in the world, I spent a lot of time crafting special menus. These were a fun challenge, because they had to reflect both the brand and style of the restaurant, as well as the holiday itself. When determining the size and paper type, I also had to make considerations about if this was a one day special, week long event, etc., and if it was a supplementary menu of specials, or if it was a replacement for the regular menu. This year for New Year's Eve, TAG Restaurant was offering a prix fixe menu, along with a few à la carte appetizers. Because there was basically one menu, I chose a legal size, which would keep it professional and fancy. I chose the marble look because it's classic and elegant, like TAG. I found the black and gold marble first, which seemed shiny and festive, but wasn't enough to fill the page, so I supplemented it with the white and gold marble. I brought in a touch of modern design with the gold diamond wrapping around our logo.

tag new years eve 2019_menu.png
tag new years eve 12.27.2019_menu copy.p

In addition to the day-of menus, I also created 4x6 post cards to hand out prior to the date, an Instagram square, and a Facebook banner.

tag new years eve 12.27.2019_4x6 front s
tag new years eve 12.27.2019_4x6 back me
tag new years eve 12.27.2019_fb banner.p
tag new years eve 12.27.2019_social squa

Digital Stickers


To enhance our social media posts, I created a few branded digital stickers, hosted by Giphy, so they are seamlessly integrated into those social platforms.