Shannon E Reardon

TAG Burger Bar

Part of the TAG Restaurant Group by Chef Troy Guard, TAG Burger Bar is a straightforward, beloved, neighborhood family burger spot, with a full bar and an extensive tap list.


TAG Burger Bar is the second restaurant Troy opened, and sometimes its age shows. We liked the basic design of the menu, but when, by popular demand, we decided to add back in the "Build Your Own Burger" section, we wanted to use it as an opportunity to bring a freshness to the look. I kept the front of the menu roughly the same, although it took some maneuvering to add the "Prime Rib Night" section. We had recently done a photo shoot with the "exploded burger" concept which was a hit, and wanted to use that as inspiration. I used a combination of adapting the photo, and altering found images, to create the burger you see below. It was simple enough to use the graphic standards from the front for a cohesive look (the double border, dotted line, fonts, and background color), and to create clear sections that pleasantly corresponded to the image.

TBB Menu 11.05.19_Page_1.png
TBB Menu 11.05.19_Page_2.png

The back of the menu had previously been our Brunch menu, which confused guests as it was only offered mornings, two days a week. We decided to move the Brunch offerings to a supplemental menu, half a legal size, to give it unique proportions and fit nicely with the legal size Lunch and Dinner menu. It again was simple work to convert the existing design elements into the clearly branded look below.

TBB Menu 11.07.19 brunch_Page_1.png
TBB Menu 11.07.19 brunch_Page_2.png

And of course I made the BYOB design into a fun .gif sticker, available on Snapchat and Instagram via Giphy.