Shannon E Reardon

Personal Projects

A collection of work, done partially for friends, partially for my own use, and partially just t get the creative energy out.

Digital Stickers

Every year my group of friends go on a New Year's trip together, and the 2019/2020 trip was "Après 70's" themed. I made the below stickers for use in our Instagrams and Snapchats of the weekend. Some are obviously thematic, some are just inside jokes.



My friend Meredith loves trivia. She joined a very exclusive site, where she has to pay dues to play trivia. Once you've been a member for a year, you are allowed to create a "flag" to represent yourself around the site, and she asked me to design it for her. She picked the colors she liked, and sent me some examples of other flags she liked, but pretty much let me run wild. I gave her quite a few options, and this is the one she picked. When imagining it, I didn't want to go with simply colored boxes/stripes, as many flags of the world, and of the trivia site, had done. But I also knew it would mostly be rendered at a small size, and therefore should be minimal. I went with circles as a pleasing counterpoint to the rectangle, and the decreasing line widths to give it a dynamic feel.

mer flag lg.png
Messages Image(91642505) copy.jpg


My dad has a weird obsession with coolers. It's pretty embarrassing, but it makes him laugh, so for Christmas I decided to combine his self-given nickname with his other love of stickers. I created this logo for his alter ego, and gave him a way to announce himself wherever he sees fit to let people know that Coolerman was here.

coolerman sticker irl.JPG


I love having different phone and laptop wallpapers. I change them often, and prefer graphics over photos. I created these just for my personal use out of found images, real life photos, and anything around me that inspired me.


Christmas Card

I started sending out Christmas Cards a few years ago, and started designing my own from scratch this last year. My friend Kim loved the idea, and begged me to make one for her too. Below are two of the options I gave her.

Messages Image(771790009).png
kim's christmas card-06.png