Shannon E Reardon

Los Chingones

Part of the TAG Restaurant Group by Chef Troy Guard, Los Chingones (roughly translates to "badass") has 4 locations in the Denver Metro area. The original is a trendy downtown spot serving up street tacos, but is best known for having the best rooftop and margaritas in Denver. It's a bit of a party scene on the weekends, catering to millennials. The Tech Center location bustles with young professionals during lunch, and the Stapleton location is smack in the middle of a neighborhood of young families. The newest location is in a mall, and therefore sees all types.


As a fun way to spice up our social media posts, I started making .gifs. Most were simple, just a few frames in Photoshop, using old photos I had taken in our archives. But they were eye catching, and made our posts stand out on a feed.


When we launched a new happy hour with brand new items, I came up with a mini campaign on Instagram to feature them. I used existing brand graphics and freehand doodles in Illustrator to create art that interacts with the items. (1).gif

Digital Stickers

Because the target audience of the Los Chingones's are mostly young adults, we know they're on social media, especially Instagram and Snapchat. That's why I created a series of branded digital stickers, hosted by Giphy, so they are seamlessly integrated into those social platforms.


Snapchat Filters

dtc fourth_neon.png
Artboard 1.png

A few years ago I suggest we invest in a Snapchat filter for our downtown location for Rockies Opening Weekend, a huge party day in Denver for everyone, regardless of how they feel about baseball. I also created one for the fourth anniversary of our second location, who was having a "birthday" celebration. We have noticed Snapchat use is on a decline, but the cost of the filter is relatively low, and has produced a respectable ROI in past years.

Physical Stickers

I came up with this fun twist on our logo just as something fun for a one-off sticker run.

3d sticker.png
3d los sticker irl.JPG