Shannon E Reardon

Guard & Grace

Part of the TAG Restaurant Group by Chef Troy Guard, with a location in Denver and Houston. Guard and Grace is a "modern steakhouse," balancing contemporary design with old-school sensibilities. Filled with business meetings during lunch, and couples looking for romance at dinner, Guard and Grace will always impress.


Opening Guard and Grace in Houston was a big deal for the company, as it was our first restaurant outside of Colorado. Breaking in to a brand new market, where the name Troy Guard didn't carry any weight, meant exploring brand new marketing techniques for us. We took out a full page ad in Houston Hotel Magazine, aiming to reach a target demographic of business people and tourists staying downtown. We were fortunate to get a great spot, across from the publisher's note. I designed the ad to be straightforward and eye catching, not cluttered by multiple photos of our interior or guests. I let our amazing steak speak for itself, as we do in the restaurant. Unfortunately we didn't have this photo exactly, so I had to painstakingly Photoshop out a plate and blue slate table. I kept the rest of the information minimal, relying on our website to allow guests to book a reservation, communicate our address, and answer any further questions.

houston hotel mag page.png
houston hotel mag opp pg.png
houston hotel mag page.png

Special Event Menus

With so many restaurants, and so many holidays in the world, I spent a lot of time crafting special menus. These were a fun challenge, because they had to reflect both the brand and style of the restaurant, as well as the holiday itself. When determining the size and paper type, I also had to make considerations about if this was a one day special, week long event, etc., and if it was a supplementary menu of specials, or if it was a replacement for the regular menu. This year for Valentine's Day, Guard and Grace was offering their full regular menu, in addition to a few specials, and a prix fixe option. Because it was supplementary, I went with a half sheet to not clutter the table any further; two sided to properly space out a lot of information. It was frustrating that the amount of text on each side couldn't be more balanced, but I worked with what the chefs gave me! I kept the art (single line rose), color scheme (dark red and medium grey), and fonts (a rounded san serif) simple and modern, but still romantic.

valentines day guard and grace-01.png
valentines day guard and grace-02.png
valentines day guard and grace-04.png

I also created Save the Date artwork for Facebook (page and event banners) and Instagram (square).

valentines day guard and grace-03.png