Shannon E Reardon

FNG Restaurant

Part of the TAG Restaurant Group by Chef Troy Guard, FNG (F***in' Good) is an 80's rock and roll themed neighborhood eatery, balancing a hard edge mentality with being a comfortable spot to bring the whole family.

Brand Identity

I focused on our previously established brand colors and fonts, and the square border from our menu, and found ways to incorporate them into all of our marketing materials. Keeping a consistent look of black and white photos (our vintage vibes) allowed our golden yellow to pop. These elements allow for variety within advertisements and informational signs, while still keeping everything looking "FNG."

6 before 6-02.png
turntable thursdays.png
monday hh.png

Artwork for promotions. Printed tabloid size to be hung in store and postcards for distribution. Posted digitally on Facebook and our website, and re-worked as a square for Instagram.

Large poster summarizing all of our events. Printed large format and hung in our front window.

I knew with so many events, we would need a clear and concise way to communicate without overwhelming. That's why I avoided our previous photographs, and instead went with line graphics. I focused on a simple color scheme, bringing in a teal to contract our brand gold. I found vectors and tweaked them to create the right look, eye catching without being distracting.

holiday hours.png
promo poster.png
fng business card.png

^ Business card template

< Letter sized sign, printed and hung in-store

Menu Re-Design

I was so excited to be given the opportunity to "take a crack" at the FNG menu re-design. Our Director of Operations had the idea to use old record covers as menu books, because rock n' roll. Our previous menu had been a one-sided tabloid, but included many supplemental menus (drink lists, brunch menu, dessert menu, etc) and we wanted to put it all in one place. I transformed and expanded the menu into a 12 page book with tabloid sized spreads, which we were able to print in-house. Using the same brand colors and square border from our original menu, and for the first time incorporating the black and white rockstar photos we had been using with our other collateral, I created a fun, readable, and complete menu.

album menu 10.23.19 old food-01.png
album menu 10.23.19 old food_beer & cock
album menu 10.23.19 old food-03.png
album menu 10.23.19 old food_wine.png
album menu 10.23.19 old food-05.png
album menu 10.23.19 old food_food copy.p
album menu 10.23.19 old food_brunch & de
album menu 10.23.19 old food_liquor.png
album menu 10.23.19 old food_opener.png
album menu 10.23.19 old food-07.png
album menu 10.23.19 old food-09.png
album menu 10.23.19 old food-11.png
album menu irl.jpg

^ The fully assembled menu


It's the little things that bring a brand to new heights and mediums.

I took our knife/pick logo and turned it into holographic stickers, and a .gif, which can be used on by anyone on Snapchat or Instagram.

fng pick sticker irl2.JPG
fng take home magnet.png
fng take home magnet on fridge.JPG

I also combined and altered found images to create a magnet that we could give out with take-out orders.