Shannon E Reardon


Part of the TAG Restaurant Group by Chef Troy Guard, bubu has two downtown locations, and caters mostly to a young professional group looking for a fresh, healthy, delicious, and filling lunch. We serve Signature Bowls, as well as Build Your Own, ranging from a Mexican Chicken Rice bowl, to an Aloha Tuna Poke Salad bowl.


As a fun way to spice up our social media posts, I started making .gifs to use as static Instagram posts. The first was simple, only two moving parts, created in Illustrator and animated with Photoshop. It's always a good time for bubu!


Next, I made an increasingly growing pile of our famous cookies. I liked it so much, I turned it into a Giphy sticker to use on our Instagram stories.

cookie pile logo.gif

Once I started making stickers, I came up with these two simple designs, which showcased our signature bowls.


Then, I created an avocado sticker, because it's not just a stereotype that millennials love avocados. We liked how it turned out so much, we made physical buttons to give out. This is the most popular digital sticker we have by far; it has over 34 million views on Giphy.