Shannon E Reardon

Big Wave Taco

A future part of the TAG Restaurant Group by Chef Troy Guard. Big Wave Taco will be a SoCal inspired shop within Junction Food Hall.


At this point, the TAG Restaurant Group had grown so much, that this is the first concept where we haven't brought in outside designers to help establish the brand, and were able to create everything in-house. I took the lead on this, starting with the logo. I drew it by hand, and then digitized it by live tracing in in Illustrator, before cleaning it up. I created an outlined and filled in version for different circumstances.

big wave logo_outline1.png
big wave logo_outline gradient.png
big wave logo_fill gradient.png


Here is an early draft of the menu design I proposed (specific items and descriptions were not finalized yet, so I had to do some filling in despite my lack of culinary expertise). Troy wanted something to match the casual "greasy spoon" SoCal taco shops he was inspired by, something that would fit in and be accessible to guests of a food hall. So I went with a one-sided half sheet, easy to grab and pass around, distribute or take home or return. The title font seemed easy-going; the body font clear and readable but with an informal curvy style. The herringbone and brushed palm tree give a similar relaxed and unstructured vibe. The boxes around the sections reign everything in, and are reminiscent of an old-school diner style, reigning in the modern beach just a bit.

big wave menu draft3-01.png
big wave menu draft3-02.png